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My name is Ruslan Danelian, but you can call me Russell because this name is definitely easier to remember. Since 1996, when I was first time acquainted with the Internet, I’ve got passion to web development and online marketing. I’ve been involved with IT industry all this time. By means of ADHC Group I can realize all my ‘dreams’ (almost all).

Nowadays, there is a huge demand in effective internet marketing as well as web, mobile, and software development, because so many businesses could not do it by themselves, and if they do it, very often they do it not effectively enough. Moreover, statistically just about 5%-7% of all US companies can progressively and effectively reduce their business expenses while increase business profits and market value. However, there are business advisers like us, who can help to handle these issues.


ADHC Group was incorporated in 2016 by me, Ruslan Danelian. And here is my story…

I grew up in the Russian city of Sochi on the Black Sea Coast in the family of entrepreneurs. I’ve always had a goal to run my own IT company and travel a lot. Fulfilling my goal I commenced by starting a small Internet cafe. I’ve been passionate with web development and internet marketing. I’ve always been trendy and knew everything about new trends, tools, and techniques in web development and internet marketing. However, very soon I realized I want to make another step toward the fulfillment of my goal and getting more profit. After beginning another small business that consisted of printing, design, sales, and internet services I succeeded and made more profit and a lot of satisfied customers; however, seeing the decrease in demand of our major services gave me a chance to find a new opportunity.

I began a new enterprise consisted of a hotel, restaurant, and a supermarket. My web development and internet marketing skills helped me to drive the enterprise to success. The hotel, the restaurant, and the supermarket became very popular and were in top ranks in our community. Our profit skyrocketed just in a year. The annual revenue increased from 0 to 7-figure (USD).

However, political situation in the country forced me to move out of Russia. I’ve chose the USA. It wasn’t an easy decision to leave everything you’ve done and move to the country realizing you will need to start everything again. New language, new culture, new rules, new environment. Everything was new. It took some time to catch up.

But now is the time to move forward, to make next step…

After I incorporated a new company, I talked to many people including business owners. First I was frustrated and disappointed, but later I understand what will be the major concept of my business and now I’m sure in my success, because I understood what most of American companies need and how to fulfill it.


Many people ask me what I like the most in the USA. The major reason why I moved to America is freedom. There is absolutely no freedom in modern Russia, but there is freedom to some extent here in the USA. Another reason is opportunities.

During the last years I’ve been involved in studying how to run business in this country. I’ve made a research about running business in here. I’ve learned a lot about its advantages and disadvantages. I’ve talked to many people including business owners and general managers. After all, I’ve found an opportunity in B2B. About 93%-95% of all businesses in the United States definitely need our services. But what services exactly we provide?

First of all, I am a business adviser. I work as a representative of DCI Solutions that specializes in helping businesses to reduce their business costs or expenses while increasing profits and market value of the company. Actually, there are a lot of legit ways to cut your expenses for healthcare, taxes, utilities, freight, telecommunications, etc. without changing your vendors, and no upfront expenses.

Second, we provide professional internet marketing, as well as, digital marketing services. We’ll make a research about your company, products or services you provide, as well as, your competitors. We’ll help you to make a successful campaign to distinguish your company, logo, brand, products, or services out of all your competitors and drive more customers to you. Our team exactly how to do it! However, you should be ready for expansion.

As a supplement to your marketing you must have an attractive and usable website. Unfortunately, most websites do not attract customers. To drive more prospects to your website you must know your potential audience, their behavior, what they like and do not like, what they expect from your website. Our experts will make the research to be sure your website or web application will comply with it. We have an experience in this field. With us you won’t just have a website somewhere in the internet, but your attractive and usable website will drive prospects to your business products or services generating an additional profit for your company.

To successfully market your business you need attractive logo, business cards, print materials, digital materials, including graphics and video. Our company has a team of experts in graphic design and video editing. They can create anything you need for your business.

We have a unique team of experts specializing in web applications development, mobile development, and software development. They focus on cybersecurity issues, so all applications they make are absolutely secure, so you can relax about possible breach break issues.

Lastly, we are a recruiting company. If you need to hire an expert for your company, we can help you find an excellent candidate.


Nobody can sell anything even if it is something in high demand if the shop is closed, or if the shop doesn’t have a sign indicating that this is a shop where you can buy this and that.

Our teams of experts with solid experience in their industries provide in-demand services, and we need new long-term business partners. If you are a forward-thinking, growth-minded business owner, you’ll definitely will find our services valuable for your business. Our cooperation will be absolutely productive.

If you understand you need a better internet marketing strategy, you’ll find us more than helpful. It’s our pleasure to help you to succeed because your success is our success as well.

Feel free to send us any questions or comments through CONTACT US tab or by clicking here.

All the best,


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